Measuring Plurality: Ofcom's call for inputs

posted on 18 November, 2014   (public)

Measuring Plurality: Ofcom's call for inputs

Ofcom has recently been requested by the Secretary of State to develop a measurement framework for media plurality. On 30 October 2014, Ofcom invited stakeholders to provide their input on how best to measure media plurality. This call for inputs is part of a two-step process which will lead to set out proposals for indicators to be included in the measurement framework and to a further consultation on the proposals scheduled for the first quarter of 2015. Developing this framework will also allow a future baseline assessment on the state of media plurality in the UK.

In October 2011, the Secretary of State had asked Ofcom to provide advice on the feasibility of measuring media plurality across platforms answering to five questions. In response to this request, in June 2012, Ofcom published its first Report on measuring media plurality. The consultation refers to this Report. In 2013, the Department for Culture Media and Sport consulted on measuring media plurality. Having established the scope for a measurement framework for media plurality through the conclusions of this consultation, the Secretary of State asked Ofcom on 9 September 2014 to develop the framework itself.

In the call for inputs Ofcom raises questions covering the following themes:

  • How to develop the indicators set out in Ofcom advice in 2012 and whether additional metrics should be used;
  • How recent market developments affect the way that plurality could be measured;
  • Challenges of measuring plurality in the context of the growing role of online news;
  • What role can industry measurement systems play in a framework to measure plurality;
  • Any additional reliable indicators to measure the impact and influence of news provision on public opinion;
  • Any additional contextual factors to be considered;
  • How media plurality measures could best focus on media ownership;
  • What is the relative importance of different metrics and factors included in the measurement framework.

Responses to the call for inputs must be submitted by 27 November 2014.

Source: Ofcom