European Commission consults on rapidly converging audiovisual market

posted on 25 April, 2013   (public)

The European Commission adopted on 24 April 2013 a Green Paper inviting stakeholders and the wider public to share their view on issues related to the rapid convergence in the audiovisual market and growing importance of the connected television in Europe.

The changes in the audiovisual world are sweeping away traditional boundaries between consumers, broadcast media and the Internet. There are more than 40.4 million connected TVs in Europe, and they could be in the majority of EU households by 2016. The Commission wants to explore what current convergence of technology and content in the field of media mean for Europe's economic growth and innovation, cultural diversity and consumers.

The Green Paper raises questions related to:

  • fostering the right conditions for dynamic EU businesses to deal with international competition;
  • protecting European values including media freedom and user interests such as protecting children, accessibility for users with disabilities,
  • the influence of convergence on financing of audiovisual productions,
  • promoting the right technological environment in the field of media across Member State and
  • promoting media pluralism.

Stakeholders can send their replies to the Green Paper until the end of August 2013.

Source: DG Connect European Commission