Digitisation, opportunity or threat? A new report by the German Regulators

by Eric Munch (Observer) posted on 07 September, 2016   (public)

Digitisation, opportunity or threat? A new report by the German Regulators

Die Medienanstalten, the German media regulatory authorities, have just published their 2016 report on digitisation, as a symbolic threshold of 80% of digital cable households was recently reached, despite regional discrepancies in terms of penetration. The research commissioned by the media authorities analyses the progress of digitisation in Germany, also highlighting the latest trends in media consumption, new business models and the impact of the recent arrival of innovative players.

The first part provides detailed facts and figures of the various facets of digitisation in Germany, while a separate section replaces the German situation in its European context by presenting comparative data. While satellite reception with 52% still presents the most popular mode of transmission for digital TV, digital cable is the mode of supply for 37% of digital TV households. In comparison, DTT (6%) and IPTV (5%) are much less widespread in German homes. HDTV continues to act as the main driver for digitisation.

The report also presents an update on the status of digital radio. Both digital radio based on the DAB+ standard and internet radio have achieved considerable growth rates as regards radio reception during the last year in Germany.

The last part of the document explains the remit of the German regulatory authorities with regard to platform regulation. Platform regulation, as laid down in German broadcasting law, aims at securing equal access to networks and platforms and at ensuring the findability of programmes on user interfaces.

In the light of the new challenges brought about by media convergence, Siegfried Schneider, DLM Chairperson, and Thomas Fuchs, Coordinator of the Committee on networks, technology and convergence of the Media authorities, point out that future regulation will need to be flexible, in order to accommodate evolution. By accompanying the process of transformation, the media regulatory authorities will have an important role to play.

Source: Die Medienanstalten website