Digital Radio - Outcome of French consultation on standards for digital terrrestrial radio

posted on 22 October, 2012   (public)

Following a public consultation on standards for digital radio launched in April 2012 to seek the views of stakeholders, the French Minister of Culture and Communication published a summary of the responses to the consultation on 11 October 2012. The consultation resulted from the request by the CSA, the French regulatory authority, to add DAB+ to the list of standards allowed for the broadcast of digital terrestrial radio.

The results of the consultation highlight that almost all contributors support the introduction of the DAB+ standard in the short term for broadcasting digital radio services in Band III and L

It is now up to the Government to decide on the matter - even if broadcasters point out that "the issue of standards is only one component of the economic model for digital terrestrial radio and that the choice of a standard by the Government is not enough per se to enable a successful launch of digital radio.

Summary of the consultation (in French)

Text of the consultation (in French)

Source: Internet Site of the direction générale des médias et des industries culturelles (DGMIC)