Creation of a new regulatory authority in Luxembourg: Draft Law

posted on 16 October, 2012   (public)

On 15 October 2012, Luxembourg's Minister for Communication and Media, Mr. François Biltgen, announced a - long awaited - reform of media law and the creation of the Independent Audiovisual Authority of Luxembourg (l’Autorité luxembourgeoise indépendante de l’audiovisuel, ALIA).

Currently, there are three separate entities involved in the regulation of media services in Luxembourg: the Conseil national des programmes (CNP) supervises the content of audiovisual media services and radio stations using high-power transmitters, the Government Department for Media and Communications monitors advertising in audiovisual media services, and  the Independent Radio Broadcasting Commission monitors radio stations that use low-power transmitters.

Further to the new draft law,  a single independent  authority will be in charge of broadcasting regulation in Luxembourg. The ALIA will be run by a five-member Board and a Director. Board members will be elected for five years and will not be affiliated to the Government or to any organisation engaged in the activity supervised by the Authority. The ALIA will also have permanent staff and an Advisory Council.

The new authority will have power to issue sanctions, such as warning, fine or withdrawal of local radio licence, as well as to suggest to the Government to suspend or withdraw TV and radio licences. The ALIA will also participate in the classification of films according to the age of viewers.

Press release of the CNP (in French)

Website of the Ministry of Communications (in French)

Draft Law

Source: Website of CNP


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