Consultation on revision of Swiss Radio and Television Act

posted on 16 May, 2012   (public)

The Federal Council of Switzerland has opened a consultation procedure concerning the revision of the Radio and Television Act.

The partial revision of the Act focuses on the replacement of the current reception fee by a universal radio and television fee. Today, when smart phones, computers and tablets allow radio and television reception, it is no longer clear what constitutes a reception device. The administrative costs are high and it requires checks in households and businesses. Therefore, the draft law provides that the fee is to be paid by every household and business and will no longer be linked to the existence of a reception device.

Other changes concern licensing of regional radio and TV stations, subtitling of their main information programmes, transmission of regional TV programmes outside region, and proportion of fees reserved for private radio and TV stations.

The consultation procedure will run from 10 May 2012 until 29 August 2012.

Press release

Fact sheet - From the reception fee to the universal radio and television fee

The draft law and explanatory report (available in French, German and Italian)

Source: Website of The Federal Office of Communication (OFCOM)