CAC (ES): Report on anti-vaccination content on social networks

posted on 03 March, 2021   (public)

The CAC pursues its fight against information disorder in the medical field

As part of a wider analysis of information disorders around Covid-19, the Catalan Audiovisual Council (CAC) has identified 40 videos from major social platforms* rejecting vaccination and analysed the narrative content in a new report.

In general, it appears that the anti-vaccine narrative regarding Covid-19 is built on the usual rhetorical discourse against vaccination - such as the toxicity of the products used, the lack of safety, the reconsideration of the disease’s dangerousness and the support of people presented as medical experts – and adapted to the current situation, drawing on the rapid process of creation of the vaccine and the use of a new technology.

Other actions pursued by the CAC:

- Reporting: The CAC reported the videos to the three platforms in question;
- Drafting recommendations: A webinar held by the CAC and the Platform for Media Literacy on disinformation about Covid-19 vaccines on February issued a set of recommendations for the public;
- Informing the public: The publication of an information sheet with ‘the six questions you need to ask’ to spot false information (in English).


This report is the 6th report on information disorders related to medical topics since 2018 and was conducted in collaboration with the Catalan Ministry of Health, the Colleges of Physicians of Catalonia, the Catalan Society of Journalists, and the Colleges of Nurses of Catalonia.

*YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.


Source: the Catalan Audiovisual Council