2016 Guide of Digital Channels in France

posted on 21 April, 2016   (public)

2016 Guide of Digital Channels in France

The fourteenth edition of the Guide on Digital Channels was published in April 2016 by the French broadcasting regulator CSA, the DGMIC (Directorate General of Media and Cultural Industries of the Ministry of Culture and Communication), CNC (Centre national du cinéma), A.C.C.e.S (Association des chaînes conventionnées éditrices de services) and SNP-TV (Syndicat national de la publicité télévisée).

This guide, which aims to be a working tool for media professionals, provides an overview of digital channels which were licensed or registered on DTT (FTA and Pay), cable, ADSL or mobile networks.

  • At the end of 2015, 30 national TV channels were available to viewers on DTT (24 FTA and 6 pay TV), 11 of them were available in high definition. There are 249 channels licensed or registered on cable, satellite, IPTV and mobile networks.
  • The progression of catch-up TV continued, both in volume of hours and number of videos; October 2015 shows a record number of 492.5 million videos viewed in only one month - an increase of 30.4% compared to October 2014.
  • In terms of equipment, the number of TV sets sold in 2014 increased by 200 000 units compared to 2013, 170 000 of them being 4K TVs; while the number of tablets sold declined (6.5 million sold in 2014 compared to 6.2 million in 2013, whilst sales had increased by 72% in 2013 compared than in 2012).
  • In 2015, French viewers spent three hours and 44 minutes a day on average watching television (3 min more than last year). The audience of traditional terrestrial channels continued to decline (62.9%, - 0.6% compared to 2014).

The guide also provides key data from CSA and CNC on audiovisual and cinematographic production; revealing inter alia that investments of channels have increased of 8%. The document also looks at economic trends for digital channels and highlights an increase of the turnover of free-to-air channels (1%), whereas pay TV witnessed an increase of 2%. The article on the legal framework focuses on the Law of 14 October 2015 on the 2nd Digital Dividend and its impact on DTT. In the appendix, the guide presents this year two studies on audiovisual production: the first one authored by the CSA, "Le tissu économique de la production audiovisuelle" and the second by the CNC, "Les producteurs audiovisuels en 2014".

Source: Website of the French CSA