EPRA convenes in Bucharest for 58th meeting

posted on 10 October, 2023   (public)

Adapting to the future of content delivery and supporting a trustworthy media market are key themes on EPRA's agenda


The 58th EPRA meeting is taking place on 18 - 20 October 2023 in Bucharest. This closed event, hosted by the Romanian National Audiovisual Council, will gather about 130 delegates representing 50 member authorities, permanent observers and invited media experts who will discuss current issues pertaining to audiovisual media regulation in Europe. A guest delegation from the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities  (MNRA) is also attending the meeting. 

Strengthening the media environment and adapting to the future will be a key discussion focus with two thematic sessions on, respectively, "A media market for the public good” and "the future of content delivery". As  in Oslo in May, the event has been designed to encourage interactive discussions among regulators and allow EPRA members to share new developments (session: "EPRA Agora – Learning by sharing among regulators”). 

  • Under the guidance of EPRA Chair Mari Velsand, the plenary session on the morning of 19 October will be dedicated to exchanging on recent and upcoming developments among EPRA members and reports from the permanent observer organisations, ERGA and the guest delegation, the MNRA

Two thematic sessions will enable EPRA members to share knowledge and expertise with external experts, and to learn from each other.

  • Thematic session 1 "A media market for the public good", chaired by EPRA Vice-Chair Valentin Alexandru Jucan, will address the challenges faced by media outlets in the digital age and how to support the place of public interest media in the market. This teach-in session will give the opportunity to EPRA members to learn from the experiences of both broadcasters -  Dan Cristian Turturică from TVR Romania and Vlad Țurcanu from Teleradio Moldova - and experts Rune Meissel from the Deustche Welle Akademie and Beata Klimkiewicz from the Jagiellonian University. Maida Ćulahović (CRA - Bosnia and Herzegovina) will moderate the panel discussion on the interplay between trust, viability and ownership transparency and the roles that the media and the regulators can play to support a trustworthy media market.
  • Thematic session 2 on “The future of content delivery, chaired by EPRA Vice-Chair Stanislav Matějka will facilitate a lively and interactive discussion on how media regulators can deal with the new formats of content delivery emerging with the digital capacities and IP delivery means. To inspire the exchanges, Laura Ene from the European Audiovisual Observatory will provide a picture of the content delivery formats in Europe, followed by three case studies from respectively the british regulator - Carina Tillson from Ofcom -, the Dutch regulator - Sela Kooter and Marcel Betzel from the Commissariaat voor de Media - and the Greek regulator - Georgios Anagnostaras from the National Council for Radio and Television

EPRA provides an independent, agile and participatory forum that allows 56 audiovisual regulators in Europe (beyond the EU) to share information, best practices, experiences and expertise. EPRA does not take common positions but seeks to encourage independent, transparent and professional regulation and to raise awareness among its members of the consequences of the upheavals in the media ecosystem and to support them in the necessary evolution of audiovisual regulation practices. 

Source: EPRA Secretariat