EPRA consults on new 3-year Strategy

posted on 16 March, 2020   (public)

Have your say on EPRA's Strategy for the next three years

The Executive Board is opening a consultation on a new draft three-year Strategy document. The draft is composed of three main parts:

  • the introductory section provides background, context and highlights challenges,
  • the second section sets out the Vision, Mission and Values Statement, and,
  • the third part lists the envisaged Strategic Objectives for the period 2020-2022.

The content of the draft has been generated by the members of the Board and the Secretariat based on our understanding of the work of EPRA and our knowledge of EPRA members and their current experiences and challenges. We also took into consideration the inputs provided by the membership during the review of EPRA’s past performance and the brainstorming debate on the new Strategy which took place in October 2019 in Athens.

We would very much welcome feedback and input into the refinement of this draft.  In order to do so, it might be helpful to consider a number of questions, such as:

  •  Do you think that the draft accurately captures and reflects the challenges faced by media regulators and EPRA as an organisation for the next three years?
  • Do you agree with the Board’s analysis that the Vision, Mission and Values Statement remains fully relevant and appropriate for EPRA’s future strategy?
  • Are the draft Strategic Objectives and the envisaged key actions and concrete outputs appropriate given the nature of the challenges facing EPRA? 

Please send your feedback to the EPRA Secretariat no later than 15 April

Time line
  • 16 March - 15 April: Consultation with members and stakeholders on draft Strategy
  • 15-30 April: Board to consider consultation responses and amend draft if necessary
  • 15 May: Consideration and decision on EPRA Strategy at Plenary meeting in Antwerp