Chairperson's Report for 2017

posted on 02 March, 2018   (public)

Assessing progress against EPRA's strategic goals and objectives

The meeting of the EPRA Executive Board on 2 February 2018 in Munich was the occasion to adopt the EPRA Annual Work Programme, which lays out EPRA’s priorities and anticipated work for 2018. 

It also provided an opportunity to look back at the activities conducted over the past year.

  • The EPRA Chairperson's Report reviews the work of the Executive Board and of the Secretariat during 2017,

  • As well as detailing activities undertaken in the period, the intention is to reflect the view of the Executive Board on progress achieved during the year against EPRA's strategic goals and objectives.

EPRA Chairperson's report for 2017

Source: EPRA Secretariat