53rd EPRA meeting – "Living with hate speech": summary of discussion

posted on 27 August, 2021   (public)

What is hate speech? What is its impact? How to deal with it? Learn from key experts and find out about regulators' initiatives to tackle hate speech


On 21 May 2021, as part of its 53rd biannual meetingEPRA organised an online session entitled "Living with hate speech: From apprehending to combatting hate speech", exploring the issue of hate speech from its roots, its key features, its impact on our societies, to the ways to address it.  

Structured around two panels - an interview-style experts’ panel representing the legal, technological and societal perspectives and a panel of audiovisual regulators’ representatives sharing the recent initiatives put in place by their respective authorities – this EPRA thematic session was the occasion to discuss the complex and multi-faceted phenomenon of hate speech, the paradox of technology, the need of an in-depth understanding of the roots and mechanisms, the limits of media literacy and the role of regulators.


Check out the EPRA background document for an introduction to the topic, key points from the discussion, links to video segments of the session as well as a list of selected resources to further explore the issue of hate speech.

The experts' panel:
Susan Benesch, the Dangerous Speech Project (US)
Tarlach McGonagle, the University of Amsterdam (NL)
Bertie Vidgen, the Alan Turing Institute (UK)
The regulators' panel:
Anette Novak, the Swedish Media Council (SE)
Tobias Schmid, the Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia/DLM (DE)
Murtaza Shaikh, Ofcom (UK)

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