EPRA adopts Strategy and Work Plan for 2024-2026

posted on 19 April, 2024   (public)

"Inspire, share, strengthen" is EPRA's motto for the next three years

The community of EPRA members unanimously adopted a new Strategy and Work Plan covering the period 2024-2026, through an online procedure ending on 12 April 2024.



Objectives of EPRA's Strategy for 2024-2026: 

  • it sets out the complex context for EPRA’s coming work

  • it identifies the challenges for EPRA as a network and the challenges facing media regulatory authorities

  • it reaffirms EPRA's core values: independence, informality and collaboration 

  • it provides clarity on EPRA’s mandate and purpose

  • it refines the strategic objectives to respond to the needs and expectations of EPRA members.

Objectives of EPRA's Work Plan for 2024-2026:

  • It presents the key actions and deliverables that the Board has planned to put the goals and objectives into practice.

The Strategy 2024-2026 addresses the expanding and blurred boundaries of media services, the changing mandates and the increasing expectations put on media regulators in times of change, while defining how EPRA can best support its members.

EPRA Chairperson Mari Velsand stated: 

"In 2025, EPRA will celebrate its 30th anniversary. I am confident that our new Strategy and Work Plan will help EPRA remain relevant, ambitious, innovative, forward-looking, and yet realistic".

The content of the Strategy has been generated by the Executive Board and the Secretariat based on their understanding of the work of EPRA and knowledge of EPRA members and their current experiences and challenges. It also takes into consideration the inputs provided by the membership during the various phases of the consultation.

Process and time-line: 

  • October 2023: Review paper of the Strategy 2021-2023
  • October 2023: Live interactive session in Bucharest followed by online survey
  • March 2024: Draft Strategy and Work plan circulated for consultation
  • April 2024: Final adjustments of Strategy and Work plan incorporating members' feedback 
  • 12 April 2024: EPRA Strategy 2024-2026 adopted by EPRA members 

Source: EPRA Board and Secretariat