Vice-Chair Election: Maria Donde joins EPRA Board

posted on 04 June, 2018   (public)

EPRA Executive Board finally complete

Elections to a vacant position of Vice Chairperson in the EPRA Executive Board took place during the 47th EPRA meeting in Luxembourg on 24 May 2018. The Assembly of members of EPRA unanimously elected Maria Donde, Head of International Content Policy at Ofcom, United Kingdom, as Vice-Chairperson of the EPRA Executive Board.

Maria works for the UK Office of Communications (Ofcom) as Head of International Content Policy, covering media, content and broadcasting issues. She leads on Ofcom’s engagement with other European media regulators, most particularly through EPRA, as well as international bodies, and represents Ofcom on the full range of media policy questions. She oversaw Ofcom’s input into the recently concluded negotiations on the AVMS Directive and manages its relationship with the European Commission on matters relating to the Directive.
Maria has been actively involved in the work of the EPRA network for the last six years, having acted as content producer for several working groups and plenary sessions. She directly supported Monica Ariño during her time as EPRA Board Member and was responsible for Ofcom’s hosting of EPRA in Edinburgh in 2017.

The other members of the current EPRA Executive Board are:

EPRA Chairperson: Celene Craig, Deputy Chief Executive at the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

EPRA Vice-Chairpersons: Oliver Gerber, Media lawyer at the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) in Switzerland, Johanna Fell, European Representative at the Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien in Germany, and Helena Mandić, Director of Broadcasting at the Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

More information about the Members of the EPRA Executive Board

  • The EPRA Executive Board is in charge of ensuring good governance for EPRA, both internally and in its dealings with members and external parties
  • The Board is part of a 3-tier structure. The Secretariat is in charge of the operative aspects and the day-to-day functioning of the network, the Board is the steering and strategic body and the Assembly of Members is EPRA´s ultimate decision-making body.
  • The Board is composed of one Chairperson and up to four Vice-Chairpersons. Board Members are elected as individuals and do not represent their respective authorities. Board members serve as volunteers without any compensation. The Board is elected for a two-year (renewable) mandate.
  • Board members embrace the values enshrined in EPRA´s Statement of Strategy, in particular, independence, transparency and accountability.
  • The Board is expected to deliver on the 3-year Work Plan derived from the Strategy.
  • The EPRA Board works in a collegiate manner, spreading the tasks between its members.

Source: EPRA Secretariat


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