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Vilnius - Plenary 1: Supervising VOD services - Presentation by AGCOM (IT)
posted on 04 Oct, 2013   (public)
Presentation by Francesco Sciacchitano, AGCOM (IT) for the First Plenary Session on "Supervising VOD services: best practices and methodology", of 3 October 2013 in Vilnius.
Elsinore - WG3: Convergent RAs - Background Paper
posted on 17 May, 2006   (public)
WG 3 Reform & Convergence of Regulatory Authorities: Practical Issues Round table discussion, Information paper by Deirdre Kevin for the EPRA Secretariat 23rd EPRA meeting, Elsinore May 17-18 2006...
Malta - Plenary 2: Convergent RAs - Background paper
posted on 27 Sep, 2001   (public)
Background Paper to the Debate on the Pros and Cons of Convergent Regulatory Authorities, by Emmanuelle Machet Secretary to the EPRA, for the 14th EPRA Meeting, St Julian, Malta, 27-28 September...
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