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Vilnius - Plenary session 1: Supervising VOD services - Final comparative document
posted on 20 Dec, 2013   (public)
Comparative document (EPRA 2013/10) prepared by Geneviève de Bueger, CSA (BE) for the First Plenary Session on "Supervising VOD services: best practices and methodology", of 3 October 2013 in...
Croatian TV Market Analysis (study)
by Anja Jelavić (AEM - HR) posted on 26 Nov, 2013   (public)
The Electronic Media Agency of Croatia commissioned a study whose aim was to provide insight into TV industry trends, analyse the sustainability of local TV broadcaster business models, investigate...
Dresden - Plenary 1: Non Linear Services - Presentation Speaker (DE)
posted on 14 Oct, 2009   (public)
Presentation by Alexander Scheuer, Institute for European Media Law - EMR (DE) for the Plenary session: Non-Linear Services: Market Evolution & Regulatory Challenges, Dresden, Oct. 2009
Dresden - Plenary2: Overview transposition AVMSD - Background paper
posted on 14 Oct, 2009   (public)
Information Paper EPRA/2009/13 by the EPRA Secretariat for the Plenary Session: AVMS Implementation: Mission Accomplished or Mission Impossible?, Dresden, Oct. 2009
Sofia - Plenary1: The new AVMS Directive: Future Challenges - Keynote
posted on 03 Oct, 2007   (public)
"Media convergence light", Keynote address by Dr Wolfgang Schulz, Hans-Bredow Institut, Hamburg for the Plenary Session The new AVMS Directive: Future Challenges for Regulators, 26th EPRA meeting:...
Dubrovnik - Plenary 1: Content Regulation in the New Media Environment - Keynote
posted on 04 Oct, 2006   (public)
Keynote Speech of Alexander Scheuer, EMR for the Plenary Session: Content Regulation in the new Media Environment, 24th EPRA meeting: Dubrovnik, Croatia, 4-6 October 2006
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