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Ohrid - Plenary 2: Independence - Introduction
posted on 25 May, 2011   (public)
Background document EPRA/2011/06 by Maida Culahovic (BA) for the Plenary Session 2 > Effective functionning of Regulatory Authorities: Focus on issues of Independance and Governance of Regulatory...
Belgrade - Presentation INDIREG study
posted on 06 Oct, 2010   (public)
Presentation by Michèle Ledger, Cullen International on the INDIREG Study on the independence of regulators (Oct. 2010)
Tallinn - Plenary 2: Transparency and Accountability of RAs - Keynote speechKeynote_final
posted on 06 May, 2009   (public)
Keynote speech by François Jongen (BE) for the 2nd Plenary session on Transparency and Accountability of Regulators, Tallinn, May 2009
Prague - Plenary 1: Independence of RAs - Keynote
posted on 16 May, 2007   (public)
Keynote address by Karol Jakubowicz on The Independence of Regulatory Authorities, held at the 25th EPRA meeting: Prague, Czech Republic, 16-19 May 2007.
Prague - Plenary 1: Independence of RAs - Background paper (public version)
posted on 16 May, 2007   (public)
The independence of regulatory Authorities, background document EPRA/2007/02 by the EPRA Secretariat (public version) for the first plenary session on the independence of regulatory authorities,...
Elsinore - WG3: Convergent RAs - Background Paper
posted on 17 May, 2006   (public)
WG 3 Reform & Convergence of Regulatory Authorities: Practical Issues Round table discussion, Information paper by Deirdre Kevin for the EPRA Secretariat 23rd EPRA meeting, Elsinore May 17-18 2006...
Sarajevo - Plenary 1: 10 years of EPRA - Presentation HU
posted on 11 May, 2005   (public)
Powerpoint Presentation by János Timár, ORTT (HU) on Current challenges faced by the regulatory authority in Hungary, presented at the Plenary Session: "Back to the Future 10 years of EPRA", 21st...
Brussels - Plenary: Politics & Broadcasting - Background paper
posted on 16 May, 2002   (public)
Background paper EPRA/2002/02 by the EPRA Secretary for the Plenary session on : "The direct and indirect influence of politics on broadcasting"
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