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Luxembourg - WG III: New Challenges for privacy - Summary
posted on 27 May, 2018   (public)
Summary by Emmanuelle Machet and Maja Cappello, joint Content Producers, of the Working Group 3 "World Café on new Challenges for privacy" which took place on 24 May 2018 in Luxembourg
Berne - WG2: Audiovisual Commercial Communication, Trends & Challenges - Summary of discussion
posted on 21 May, 2015   (public)
Detailed summary by WG2 rapporteur Johanna Fell, BLM (DE) of the discussion that took place in the Working group 2: "Audiovisual Commercial Communication, Trends & Challenges - Focus on...
Brussels (2011) - WG3: New Media & Protection of Minors - Introduction
posted on 05 Oct, 2011   (public)
Introduction by Helen Keefe, Ofcom, UK for the Working group 3 on New Media & protection of minors : industry roundtable, 34th EPRA Meeting: Brussels, 5-7 October 2011
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