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Guidelines for EPRA Content Producers
posted on 10 Jan, 2020   (public)
The guidelines outline the practical aspects of producing plenary and working group sessions at EPRA meetings. They clarify the role of the Content Producer, and the support they should expect from...
Berne - Swiss Media Landscape
posted on 18 May, 2015   (public)
Presentation on the Swiss Media Landscape by Mr. Roger Blum, Chairperson of ICA and Mr. Philipp Metzger, Director General of OFCOM.
Berne - EPRA 20th Anniversary - Chronology
posted on 07 May, 2015   (public)
Document prepared by Emmanuelle Machet for the 20th anniversary of EPRA presenting a detailed chronology of EPRA activities 1995- 2015.
EPRA Work Programme 2015
posted on 06 Feb, 2015   (public)
EPRA’s annual Work Programme aims to enhance transparency for members and external stakeholders of EPRA’s priorities and anticipated work for 2015. The Board prepared this programme based on...
Tbilisi - Georgian Media Landscape
posted on 09 Oct, 2014   (public)
Presentation on the Georgian Media Landscape by Ivane Makharadze, Geogian National Communication Commission.
EPRA Work Programmme 2013
posted on 28 Jan, 2013   (public)
EPRA work programme for 2013 as adopted by the Executive Board on 11 January.
EPRA Annual Work programme 2012
posted on 13 Feb, 2012   (public)
The EPRA Board approved the final programme during its Executive Board meeting which took place on 6 February 2012 in Zagreb. The final programme reflects the views expressed by members during the...
Annual work programme - EPRA - 2011
posted on 08 Feb, 2012   (public)
Work Programme of the EPRA for 2011, adopted by the EPRA Board in February 2011 after consulting with EPRA members.
Ohrid - Speech of new EPRA Chair
posted on 25 May, 2011   (public)
Speech of new EPRA Chair Jean-Francois Furnémont - Ohrid, May 2011
Naples - Statement on Independence of RAs
posted on 08 May, 2003   (public)
Statement on the independence of broadcasting regulators with the list of signatories (final version), 17th EPRA meeting: Naples, Italy, 8-9 May 2003
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